How to Prepare for GDPR

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In our latest whitepaper we discuss the steps organisations must take to comply with the new General Data Protection Act and how your business and customers can actually benefit from strengthening and unifying the safety and security of the information held by your organisation.

This whitepaper includes Purple’s 10 Step Guide to becoming GDPR compliant.

A New Dawn of Data Privacy
Purple provides expertise in GDPR and has developed a GDPR readiness assessment supported by a portfolio of services to help organisations ensure they are compliant through practical but effective responses to the key tenets of the new regulation. Purple’s position on GDPR is that every organisation should embrace this as a positive move, rather than looking at the investment required to be compliant, use this as a good PR exercise to demonstrate to your customers and staff that you take their data privacy seriously.

Your first step to GDPR Compliance


Purple’s GDPR Readiness Assessment

Purples Readiness Assessment provides your business with a review of current practices against the obligations of the EU GDPR, and provides the basis on which your business can plan to achieve compliance.

What will we do?

This targeted assessment will include workshops and 1:1 meeting using our Readiness Assessment tool to walk through your current compliance with the new GDPR and identify significant gaps and remediation required.

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