Purple enables clients to make informed tactical business decisions, gain visibility over their IT assets and maintain on-going operational efficiency through our products and services. Our carefully selected team have sector specific expertise as well as drive and passion for the world of business and technology that can create an infectious enthusiasm for change within our clients. With our ability to mobilise teams quickly we can respond to our clients’ needs swiftly and efficiently with a completely agnostic approach, meaning we put our customers’ needs and priorities first.

How we started…

Both Purple’s founders came from a technical background with a broad sector experience. Having previously worked within corporate roles as well as managed service provider organisations, there was a common agreement that the market wasn’t really addressing the needs of properly aligning technology with a business strategy. Solutions being positioned to the customer were very much aligned to what the provider could support and this often resulted in the wrong technology being deployed.

Both of them felt that skill sets for technology were limited across all verticals and that it was time to fill the gap. The vision was to create a business which remained truly agnostic and gave proven advice for all aspects of technology and ensures technology is aligned with the business objectives and not the other way round.

The offering would be simple and based solely at customers’ needs and more importantly focusing on people, process and technology.

The Purple DNA

Technology organisations are known for over complicating things and speaking a completely different language to everybody else. The beginning of Purple was a chance to change the normal perception of technology consultancy and provide something different, we had to create the Purple DNA:

Simplistic – We don’t believe in long documents with lots of acronyms that nobody can understand or deliver against. Our job is to break down the world of technology into plain English.

Business focused – We focus purely on business objectives not technical capabilities. If it doesn’t align to the business, we shouldn’t be doing it.

Agile – Our customers are normally going through a change. This requires an organisation to be agile and responsive.

Agnostic – Whilst we work with any technology across the stack we are proud to remain agnostic. We don’t partner with anybody.

Consultancy only – Purple will always remain a consultancy business. Our skills are aligned to this rather and not a managed service provider. We therefore remain agnostic and agile.

Lead by example – Our internal systems embrace the latest technologies and methods of working. We showcase these to our clients and demonstrate the business advantages of these.

Outcome based – We want to be disruptive. Our projects aren’t based on day rates. The work we undertake is a fixed deliverable at an agreed price. We carry the risk and the client gets the desired outcome.

Like every organisation, we wanted to create a DNA that made us different. Our DNA is embedded into all our staff and associates and we are proud to stand by the same roots from when we started.

Our leadership team


Alistair Sergeant

Co-founder & CEO

Alistair co-founded Purple with a vision to create a different way of providing an agnostic technology consultancy service into the mid-market. Alistair’s role as CEO is to focus on strategic leadership and growth within the business as well developing and managing client relationships so that they can benefit from his experience and knowledge.

Alistair’s background began in engineering, with a proven track record of delivering complex technical solutions to achieve business advantage. He now thrives on leading a fast growing business that is disruptive to typical consultancy practices as it empowers its clients with the information they need to make the decisions that others try to make for them and as a result has developed a solid reputation for customer excellence.


Stuart McClean

Co-founder & CTO

 Stuart co-founded Purple with a desire to empower their customers with a clearer understanding of business transformation through informed decision making enabled by tactical technology choices to support their strategic goals. Stuart’s experience in facilitating business change through agile digital and application strategies spans across multiple territories and sectors in all areas of Business Transformation, Application Development, and IT infrastructure.

This combined with the experience of managing unique strategic projects and sizeable teams means that Purple’s clients benefit from a proven track record of delivery and seamless adoption.


Simon Adams


Simon heads up Purple’s Operations and Delivery function as an experienced change management professional with a proven background in project management, business improvement and change management.

Whilst at Purple Simon has worked within membership and higher education sectors, leading business transformation that focus upon people, process and technology to deliver sustainable organisational wide change.


Paul Forrest


Paul is an experienced business strategist and board advisor, he joined Purple’s board to help establish the platform for growth.

Paul has some twenty-five years’ experience of helping businesses to solve complex business problems, deliver their transformation goals and to achieve tangible strategic outcomes. Hands on and deep thinking, he has worked with many FTSE 100 clients, Global 500 businesses and major Government entities around the world.


Derek Parlour


Derek has worked as a Finance Director in large multi-nationals for nearly 30 years. He has been involved in a variety of industries from contract catering to oilfield services to telecoms manufacturing and recently running the busiest travel website and apps in the UK. As an FD he has also experience in different disciplines including acquisitions, large tenders, setting up joint ventures, IT outsourcing, business planning, information systems, cost reduction, cash improvement and product rationalisation and pricing.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with an MSc in IT Outsourcing.


Cara Wassell

Head of Marketing

Cara’s marketing experience lies specifically within the technology sector. Cara has joined Purple to bring value to our clients through the events and information we look to make available and provide.

Cara is responsible for a number of areas of value add to our clients from managing the content of our “insight” documentation that’s available to all to review on this site. Organising events and briefings to look at specific areas or of interest or concern for a small numbers of invited clients, to facilitating peer to peer gatherings to allow knowledge sharing and discussions of the common challenges many of our clients face.

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