Our Culture

We aren’t shy in saying how fussy we are when selecting members to join our team.  A great deal of effort is put into our recruitment process that allows us not only to match professional skills of individuals but also to properly assess their personality and core values to ensure a balanced and combined team at Purple is built.

We believe a great culture is about getting like-minded people who enjoy each other’s company and respect each other’s skill set.  It’s about working within a team and relying on people to spar with you intellectually one moment, then grab a beer with you the next



We’re not only looking for permanent employees but associates also…

The associate program is designed to bring on board a set of consultants that are Purple by nature. They inherently share the same beliefs as us with regards to values, trust, credibility and reputation and are welcomed into the business as associates.

The selected associates will have sector specific expertise, drive and passion for the world of technology.

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