While CRM technology assists organisations improve performance, implementing a new CRM can be a time consuming task. For executives and staff already stretched to meet the demands of their day jobs, resourcing these projects can be challenge.
Specialising in the complete CRM transformation, Purple offer independent CRM consultancy and carry expertise across; initial strategy and business case development, requirements gathering and analysis, process mapping, implementation and adoption. We have experience working with several leading and bespoke CRM suppliers, as well as consultants who focus on infrastructure, integration, data migration, marketing tools and CRM related technologies.

CRM Strategy

Our dedicated team of consultants will work with various stakeholders within the business to understand the needs of the business as well as undertaking a technical analysis to understand the existing data within the CRM and its technical infrastructure. Purple’s Process Mappers will then map the ‘as-is’ processes and the ‘to-be’ processes to demonstrate where improved efficiency and return on investment could be made from implementing a new CRM.


CRM Procurement

Purple will deliver what is referred to as a Requirements Definition Document (RDD). This is a compressive document outlining all the business requirements prioritised utilising standard prioritisation (MoSCoW) technique.

As well as the functional requirements of the new CRM platform, Purple will also provide a technical requirements definition. This will outline all the technical aspects required of the CRM so when the tender goes out to market for the solution the client will have a clear and defined output and ensure they compare objectively between all products and suppliers.


Purple’s RFP Service offering provides:

Development of RFP materials

Facilitation of the RFP process

Creation of a scoring/evaluation criteria weighted to your business requirements

Management of vendors during the process

Management of the evaluation, selection and contracting of vendors

An objective and measurable approach to evaluate compliance to client requirements

Contract negotiation and due diligence assistance


CRM Transformation & Change Management

Purple’s consultants specialise in ensuring CRM transformations are pragmatic, realistic and delivered successfully. Our project management resource will work alongside your internal project team to ensure that the CRM implementation remains within budget and timeframes.

It is a well-known fact that one of the biggest obstacles to CRM implementation is gaining user buy-in. We will work with your internal stakeholders to ensure there is adequate communication with users to ensure buy in and that suitable training is carried out to ensure long term adoption. A central library will be created with all your new processes, meaning at any point in time any employee can access these processes and can drill down in to any individual process. Over time as your business or needs change and your processes need updating once placed in this central library they become instantly available for all to see study and follow.

Alistair Sergeant.