Consistently growing regulations in the financial sector means there is more of a focus on risk. The technology environment is growing and transforming at a quick pace, and this is leading to changes in how banks and financial organisations operate internally.

Here at Purple our experience within the Finance sector spans over 15 years, working with stockbroking, hedge funds, investment management, algorithmic trading and market makers sectors. Within these we have delivered business changing advantages through the correct use of technology.


As the insurance industry take steps in moving forward and becoming more digital, companies must seek ways to improve profitability, whilst at the same time balance the demands of regulatory change, market uncertainty and changing customer demands.

At Purple we help our clients develop an innovative customer experience using the latest technologies that help meet their strategic goals, whilst reducing cost and risk.

Third Sector

Membership & Charities

We have operated in the third sector for many years, working with various clients across membership, associations, housing and charities.

In these years of experience in the third sector we have delivered projects from unified communication strategies, to office relocation’s, to data warehousing projects. We have enabled many third sector organisations to use their technology efficiently and as cost effective as possible, this in turn creates a base to help maximise performance and reach corporate targets.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Improving the student experience is at the top of most universities agendas, however many are trying to balance meeting student expectations whilst remaining efficient and cost effective.

Our specialist consultants are experienced in delivering large scale transformation projects across the educational landscape. We have worked with some of the UK’s leading institutions helping them overcome challenges, enhance the student journey and meet their strategic objectives.