Why Digital Transformation should be an End to End Experience.

I’m often asked two questions, what is “Digital Transformation?” or “I need a Digital Strategy, where do I start?”

True, digital transformation is about delivering a customer experience that gives real competitive advantage. It makes it easier for your customer to do business with you and as a by-product should make it easier and more cost effective for you to service the customer demands.

A digital transformation should also allow you to bring new products to market quickly, effectively and in support of your business goals.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that by updating your website or publishing an app you are now on the Digital Transformation band wagon. What most organisations miss out is the key end to end experience which should be the goal of undertaking this project.

I recently logged into my banking app (for obvious reasons I won’t name them). Within the app popped up a new product that they had just launched, a credit card where you can claim back money on purchases and of course the standard 0% APR.

Never one to turn down free money, I decided to apply for the product. The initial experience was great, it had taken my details from the banking app profile and in less than 5 minutes the application was complete.

A week went by, then two weeks. Eventually I got a text message from the bank to call them as they required further information on the application. Already not overly impressed, I spoke with the bank but made no progress – their systems were down. They promised to call back.

Three days later I still hadn’t received a call, so I decided to chase them to find out what additional information was required. As it turns out I needed to produce 2 years Tax return along with a reason for the card. No problem, if history has taught us anything I am all for one to support sensible lending.

Then came the killer statement. “So, Mr Sergeant, if you could fax through these documents or take them to your local branch, then we can get your application completed”

Lost for words would be an understatement. How did we go from a seamless digital application to this? I am still trying to understand who designed an experience that starts in a mobile app and then travels back through time to a fax machine. I genuinely can’t remember the last time somebody asked me to fax them.

Of course, it’s easy these days to develop an app and publish digital services. However, do not by any circumstances underestimate the importance of the true end to end experience. It is this and this alone that will make your Digital Transformation a great success or an embarrassing flop.

The result for me? It’s highly unlikely that I would buy a new product from that bank again through its app. Their initial great offering became a total waste of time.

What to consider as part of the Digital Transformation

* Measure your current experience so you can see the opportunity to improve

* Map out the process of what it needs to happen within your organisation and put measures in where there are gaps

* If you have regulation obligations or processes that can’t be automated by technology, put steps in that alert and automate a manual process to ensure the experience doesn’t drop off

* If you can’t do the above, you aren’t ready for Digital Transformation, don’t bother.

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