Following our recent webinar ‘Managing the Customer Journey’ we reached out to those who registered to find out what were there main barriers to successfully mapping the journey and improving customer experience. Below you can find out what we discovered when speaking to registrants and how Purple can help your organisation overcome these barriers and improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Where to start with journey mapping?
    The complexity of the journey and not knowing where to start can create confusion. 30% of those who attended the webinar had still not began mapping their customer journey and was not sure where the best starting place was.

    Purple offering: During our Persona Workshops, our consultants engage with your team to identify your customers into manageable personas. We focus on narrowing this down to 4-6 personas and completing this exercise will bring your members to life and help create a focus on specific goals.
    sample persona

  2. Being competitive in a digital landscape
    A key issue the majority of respondent’s face is their ability to be digital. Many felt that their organisation did not have a clear digital strategy that was allowing them to provide value to their customers and exceed expectations.

    Purple offering:The digital world in an increasingly complex one, and to remain relevant you need to keep on top of the latest trends. Your audience too is evolving, along with technological advances. Our consultants will work with your team to deliver a clear roadmap for digital transformation; this will include both short and long term changes which can be implemented over a period of time to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.Sample Tansformation Map

  3. Accessing Customer Data
    Quite a few of those registered mentioned that although they collect data on their customers they still had a disparate, disjointed view of customers because various data was stored in siloed legacy systems and displayed in numerous dashboards and reports.

    Purple offering: Creating a more reliable view improves knowledge and interaction as well as building smarter business processes for a more comprehensive view of the customer base. Purple will work with you to develop a strategy which will enable you to gain a 360 view of your customers and become data centric.

  4. ‘We’ve always done it that way’ attitude
    In many of the conversations we had following the webinar participants expressed their organisations desire to transform and become more digital to keep up with the changing demands and expectations of customers, however there is a reluctance to change.

    Purple offering: The Purple Process Management and Improvement service uses tools and techniques to focus on the desired business outcomes. By first carefully modelling the ‘as is’ environment for both internal business process as well as external customer experience (where appropriate) we can then simulate efficiency changes to existing processes to deliver a more enhanced customer experience. The ‘to be’ simulation can also demonstrate direct ROI through disciplined change management.
    sample process map