MBN Solutions and Purple Management Consulting announce their Joint Venture; “Purple Vantage” and its acquisition of the intellectual property and methodologies of Consilium Analytics for the provision of advanced analytics advisory services    –  23 April 2018

Building on the tremendous sector credentials and resourcing capabilities of Scotland’s MBN Solutions and the World Class management consulting capabilities of Purple Management Consulting, Purple Vantage has been formed to address the market opportunities and growth in the application of Data, Insight & Analytics and Blockchain use cases.

Michael Young, chief executive of MBN Solutions said “… we frequently find our position as a leading, trusted resourcing advisor, means that our clients discuss their needs for strategy and related advisory services in the areas of big data, analytics and data science with us.”

Young continued “alarmingly, our clients frequently discussed poor results from contractor staffed projects or outsourced activities in the data domain”.

With the overwhelming rise in analytics projects and businesses exploring new and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Data and Blockchain, many businesses simply lack the basic experience to buy in the required help to secure the promised benefits.

Alistair Sergeant, Chief Executive of Purple Consulting stated “we found that we would often be called upon to help clients deal with previous project failures and runaway projects in and around their activities to embrace emerging technologies.  It was clear to us and our consultants that the underlying issue was the lack of senior competency in respect of articulating strategy for such activities and acting as the ‘intelligent client” to procure the right team to get the job done”.

Purple Vantage’s own research indicates tremendous convergence on these areas of activity. The growing use of Blockchain technology already includes applications for big data and artificial intelligence, as new, automated analytic techniques look for patterns in the “relationship data” about people, customers and transactions. Purple Vantage has been established to become a market leader in this convergence.

Paul Forrest, Chairman of Purple Vantage said “having spent a number of years at Consilium Analytics, helping large corporates transform their fortunes with the application of digital technologies, AI and analytics, it made sense to use our effective, tried and tested tools and methodologies to form the bedrock for the new venture between MBN & Purple”.

Purple Vantage is already working with a number of high profile clients to help achieve their transformation goals through data visualisation, Blockchain and analytics and looks forward to confirming its position as a leading provider of advisory services in the data driven transformation domain.

Forrest continued, “… focused on practical and pragmatic benefits from the very best in people and tools, Purple Vantage will succeed by ensuring deep expertise is matched with robust strategy development and exceptional project management.  As such, we will avoid the pitfalls many have experienced with poor advisors or contractor teams simply unable to deliver benefits”.

Both Michael and Alistair will take formal roles in the new Joint Venture as Chief Client Officer and Chief Executive Officer respectively and will ensure their best in breed services continue to be delivered to a new tranche of clients seeking answers and transformational outcomes from their data through this important new vehicle: Purple Vantage.

The acquisition of the Consilium Analytics Intellectual Property concluded 20th April 2018 and the formal launch of Purple Vantage is 30th April 2018.



More about Purple Management Consulting

Purple are a business and technology management consultancy specialising in aligning people, process and technology to help organisations meet their strategic objectives.

Purple enables clients to make informed tactical business decisions, gain visibility over their IT assets and maintain on-going operational efficiency through our products and services. Our carefully selected team have sector specific expertise as well as drive and passion for the world of business and technology that can create an infectious enthusiasm for change within our clients. With our ability to mobilise teams quickly we can respond to our clients’ needs swiftly and efficiently with a completely agnostic approach, meaning we put our customers’ needs and priorities first.


More about MBN Solutions

MBN Solutions is a leading recruitment and resourcing business based in Glasgow operating globally.  With deep skills and expertise in the area of Big Data, Data Science, Insight & Analytics and Blockchain, MBN prides itself on finding the very best people for demanding clients seeking to solve complex data problems.


More about Purple Vantage

A newly formed board level advisory business that focuses on delivery of real, tangible benefits from actionable insights.  Aimed at organisations tired of engaging contractors on runaway projects, Purple Vantage has world class tools, best in breed consultants and an engagement model ensuring client outcomes are at the heart of its delivery.  Utilising a scalable resourcing model with its Partner MBN Solutions, managed by experienced project and programme management from Purple Consulting, Purple Vantage will deliver transformational outcomes on a cost managed, no surprises delivery model.


For further information please contact Purple Vantage: Alistair Sergeant / Alistair.sergeant@purplevantage.com / +44 (0) 203 376 7447