User Adoption – the key to a successful Unified Communications strategy

You’ve decided on a Unified Communications strategy. You’ve identified a business benefit to be gained from UC and formulated a plan that has matched technological innovation to your requirements.

It may feel like the finish line is in sight – but Purple’s experience will tell you there is one critical factor still to be considered, and that is your User Adoption strategy.

This is where serious effort is required. Because there are plenty of operators installing UC without telling businesses how to use it.

Purple has spent years developing a successful UC adoption blueprint. We go through several stages making sure the right people are on board to drive internal acceptance and advocacy.

Internal marketing is the key here. It is vital to identify an “executive sponsor” who is sufficiently senior to drive through the change. At the same time, they should be effectively marketing the UC strategy internally – ideally using examples of successful adoption elsewhere.

You can get buy-in by mixing the informal with the informative. For instance, it’s a good idea to host special lunch-and-learn sessions at which you can showcase the technological solution, describe the impact it is going to have on your colleagues and demonstrate the value that UC is going to bring to the whole business.

Once the benefits of the new systems are explained and you have acceptance of the brave new world of your business, the switch to a new way of working becomes a whole lot easier.

In our next blog instalment we’ll look at the specific ways in which Purple can use its technological experience and insight to benefit your business in the context of UC.

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