Many organisations will be undoubtedly nervous and put off about the regulation and the impact it will have on the business. This will be coupled with some scare mongering your organisation will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the new regulation in terms of handling and protecting personal data. The regulation itself is now much more involved than the act it replaces and it could lead to substantial penalties for non-compliance.

Organisations will become liable for any damage resulting from data breaches. Whilst for many this could be a large change programme, for many more, particularly small to mid-size businesses, it could be a new set of activities which need to be understood, managed and complied with.

Purple provides expertise in GDPR and has developed a GDPR readiness assessment supported by a portfolio of services to help organisations ensure they are compliant through practical but effective responses to the key tenets of the new regulation.  Purple’s position on GDPR is that every organisation should embrace this as a positive move, rather than looking at the investment required to be compliant, use this as a good PR exercise to demonstrate to your customers and staff that you take their data privacy seriously.

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Our Services


GDPR Readiness Assessment

Workshops and 1:1 meetings using our Readiness Assessment tool to understand your compliance with the GDPR and identify gaps the business needs to action against.

Technology and Data Review

A technical review of current systems and data touch points to highlight weaknesses needed to be addressed.

This is s a data mapping and system architecture exercise which provides a 360 degree view of all physical and digital information, including personal data, stored across your organisation.

Output from Assessment & Technology/Data Review


GDPR Strategy

The output for the GDPR assessment and Technology Data Review is a GDPR strategy in a dashboard visual clearly identifying the gaps and recommended actions. The dashboard will provide a scored readiness evaluation alongside a fit gap analysis and roadmap to GDPR compliance.


Remedial Design and implementation of a sustainable privacy and data protection framework, adjusting and amending your processes to ensure compliance and assisting with requirements on technology changes.


Educate your employees on the changes that the GDPR will bring and ensure that they are fully aware of these and how these changes will affect the organisation.


A follow on assessment after actions and remedial work have been completed to update GDPR readiness dashboard and move into business operations

Continual Improvement

An outline of steps you need to take as an ongoing exercise to remain compliant and ensure that awareness remains amongst staff and changes within the organisation have been assessed for the impact on GDPR.



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