Many organisations have an urgent need to review and improve business processes in order to meet the changing needs of its customers as well as gain efficiency in its day to day operation. This is often driven by major systems change, business transformation, compliance or regular changes in regulation.

Whilst this is widely recognised, delivering against this can be a huge challenge to transform in one way or another and unless a disciplined approach to process management is taken this can result is varying degrees of failure

The Purple Process Management and Improvement service combines the power of the Purple process mapping platform with an ongoing support and process improvement service. Purple will provide a team of process mapping engineers to map all business process or alternatively individual departmental or system specific processes such that a single point of truth can be obtained for end to end processes across the entire business. This service is then supported by the online process mapping platform and an ongoing monthly support and process improvement service.

What are the key benefits?

  • Visualisation of all business processes with intelligent metadata for detailed efficiency engineering
  • True ROI on System changes with accurate measures on effort and frequency of all ‘as is’ business processes as compared to future state ‘to be’ simulated and tested scenarios
  • End to end of actual cost of all processes with cross departmental and system wide process capture
  • Not repeating what we’ve always done by questioning every process for business relevance and up to date thinking
  • Training and adoption support through tried and tested ‘to be’ process mapping replicating future efficiency savings

Who will benefit?

  • CEO/Board of Directors – Single point of truth and visibility for all end to end business process including costs and resources.
  • Heads of Change Management – Compare ‘As is’ processes with ‘to be’ process simulations to measure the impact of change.
  • Heads of HR and OD – Full end to end user processes to backup key job functions of business critical staff. Unified training system for new starters.
  • Business continuity managers – Guaranteed Business continuity by unlocking hidden knowledge form key user’s brains.

Purple use tools and techniques to focus on the desired business outcomes. By first carefully modelling the ‘as is’ environment for both internal business process as well as external customer experience (where appropriate) we can then simulate efficiency changes to existing processes to deliver the most successful transformation solutions. The ‘to be’ simulation can also demonstrate direct ROI through disciplined Change management.


Based in Oxfordshire in the UK, Triaster has spent over 20 years in the business process management space. It believes that its clients’ BPM system should be the single source of truth for their processes and documentation. It offers them a customisable platform that helps them discover, manage and improve their processes so that they achieve objectives such as accelerated growth, reduced operational risk or business function transformation. Triaster solves problems for companies such as Microsoft, National Oilwell Varco, Balfour Beatty and HomeServe, as well as organisations such as Northamptonshire Police and the University of Winchester.

Whatever the business driver is, enabling an organisation with the correct use of technology should always deliver true measurable benefits