The delivery of a technology project is often the easiest part. The real challenge is actually getting the business to adopt it.

Our experience in these projects has allowed us to develop a proven framework that ensures technology is adopted successfully through the organisation.


Any project or transformation requires a level of governance to ensure successful delivery.

Purple’s PMO is there to support clients who are undertaking a number of initiatives and projects occurring at the same time.

The service provides access to an online portal that allows a customer to have a holistic view of their projects showing clearly the status, budget and activities planned.

A centralised PMO allows our clients to make informed decision based on actual facts.

Process Management & Engineering

Lying at the core of our business is people, process and technology.

With that comes the need to ensure that how an organisation operates is managed and continually improving process and user training.

The Purple Process Management platform delivers an online view of an organisations entire processes. It is designed to support organisations looking to deliver efficiency though the continued improvement of process engineering.

Purple’s process mappers work directly with the business users to identify bottleneck and inefficiencies. This is then delivered as a monthly report showing the business clearly where time and efforts have been saved.

Technology Review

Technology changes move at an increasing rate. The speed in which technology continues to improve means that it’s important every organisation can make the best use of technology available to the market.

In addition, every organisations strategy will inevitably end up having to remodel the strategy over time according to business needs or market demands.

Purple provides regular Technology Reviews which carry out a simple review on a quarterly and annual basis to ensure technology remains aligned to deliver against business objectives.

This services provides a clear roadmap backed up by proven experience to allow organisations to exploit the new advances within technology.