Agile Working

Agile working is about a change in culture; bringing people, processes, and technology, together to find the most efficient and effective way of working to carry out a particular task. Cultural change can be daunting for any size organisation however it can transform the way companies operate and respond to the needs of their customers.

An Agile working environment can become a more efficient way for companies to work as it supports a dynamic workforce and encourages collaboration. At Purple we recognise the fears companies have when embarking on a cultural change however, we work with our clients to adopt this new way of working by creating a flexible and productive environment for employees.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

New digital technology has created volumes of data being generated across all industries, however many organisations do not know how to use the information they are generating.

At Purple we help organisations realise their potential enabling them to make intelligent business decisions by managing their information and driving results. We work with clients to identify key business challenges and use the latest business intelligence and reporting tools overcome these, whilst giving management a clear perspective of their business.

Office relocation

Businesses decide to move their location for all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes they need bigger premises – or smaller ones. Perhaps they want to bring more of their staff under one roof. Or it could be they just need to be geographically closer to their customers.

Whatever the reason, an office relocation is not a process to be undertaken lightly.  It’s a process studded with risk at every step, there are several technological challenges you need to consider and an awful lot of questions you need to answer before making the big move.

Purple’s expertise in the technological aspects of implementing a smooth transition and its unique status as a vendor independent operation means that the solution will not only be efficient, it will be cost effective too.



Cloud Enablement

With the acceleration of cloud computing many business leaders feel they need to follow this movement of cloud adoption, however, often not putting the business needs first. At Purple we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that they make the right decisions to suit their desired outcomes and accelerate in their adoption.

Our consultants have a deep knowledge and understanding of major private and shared cloud platforms and years of experience helping organisations utilise the cloud. If done correctly cloud enablement can assist in organisations transforming their business, allowing to be more flexible, increase collaboration, greater security and disaster recovery.

Purple has assisted its clients in a magnitude of ways by providing a best-of-breed, risk free approach for cloud service integration and complete service level management. Purple puts together a solution that utilises the most appropriate cloud options, providing a cost model that can be forecasted. Purple’s clients therefore feel safe in the knowledge that no considerable upfront costs will be required for existing or new technology services.


An efficient CRM system is vital to any business helping them gain an overview of their customers, clients, members or prospects therefore many organisations look to upgrade their legacy systems. However, the success of a new CRM is not only dependent on the choice of software package but many other factors including user adoption.

At Purple we are an independent CRM consultancy meaning we offer our clients the best advice on picking the right CRM for them and their business needs. We work with our clients through selection, implementation and adoption ensuring there is an effective change management process so that the tool is used efficiently and delivers the expected outcomes.


Crucial to any business is the power to communicate. Whilst many organisations are moving into a new way of communicating using UC and social media there will always be a need to provide a solid voice service to the business. We often find when a business embraces the new technologies that often the core underlining telephony is neglected.

What makes Purple different is our expertise started 15 years ago in telephony consultancy when the world was moving from digital to IP. Being at the forefront of this shift has allowed us to enable our customers with new telephony technology. It’s only when you have a real understanding and appreciation of telephony can you truly start embracing the newer technologies such as UC to coexist in your business.

Unified Communications

Organisations across different industries are being challenged to meet the increasing needs and expectations of their customers within restricted time frames, Unified Communications (UC) helps bridge this gap by enabling businesses to improve individual productivity, team collaboration and organisation agility.

In Purple’s eyes, UC is the act of bringing all the paths through which an organisation communicates into one interface to ensure that that communication takes place in the most efficient and effective way available. We work with organisations to help them select and successfully implement the right communication solutions to give true business advantage.


Whatever the business driver is, enabling an organisation with the correct use of technology should always deliver true measurable benefits