Selection of a new service or solution provider is a complex and risky process. Mitigation requires the involvement of skilled practitioners to reduce potential outsourcing-related risks when selecting a vendor to deliver services or solutions.

How Purple can help

Purple’s RFP Service offering provides:

  • Development of RFP materials
  • Facilitation of the RFP process
  • Creation of a scoring/evaluation criteria weighted to your business requirements
  • Management of vendors during the process
  • Management of the evaluation, selection and contracting of vendors
  • An objective and measureable approach to evaluate compliance to client requirements
  • Contract negotiation and due diligence assistance.

Do you need vendor selection (RFP) assistance?

If your organisation is facing any of the following issues, then you could benefit from Purple’s RFP Services offering:

  • This is the first time you have a selected a vendor to provide outsourced services
  • The procurement resources in your organisation lack the technical expertise and experience necessary to effectively select the best service provider for you.
  • Your current procurement resources lack the bandwidth to carry out a time consuming and resource intensive RFP process
  • Your current RFP tools are not well suited to evaluate vendors providing a complex set of services

Purple are not aligned to any vendor or supplier. We provide a truly agnostic approach for our clients. Utilising our objective position and unique, evaluation framework we ensure you appoint the right technology provider for your company