Business Alignment is key to the success of an organisation and should set out the direction and deliverable’s in which stakeholders will deliver against, it should outline the clear vision of the organisation but it must be in plain English and be understood by everybody within the organisation.

A business strategy should not be seen as just a board or senior management sensitive document.

The strategy is typically done at board level, but can everybody in your business clearly articulate this and execute against it?

Purple’s business alignment service is aimed at organisations that are either about to embark on or are already in the process of undergoing a business transformation but need assistance on how to prioritise and align correctly in order to execute the strategy accordingly.

How it works:

In order to deliver against an organisations strategy, it’s important to summarise the key deliverables within it into small statements. Keeping the vision high-level ensures anybody can understand the journey the organisation is about to embark on and buy into it. These are known as strategy Mission Statements.

Once the Mission Statements are agreed, a review of the current business demands is carried out and detailed to outline Business Initiatives which align to the Mission Statements.

Following the identification of the initiatives, the next stage is to then identify the projects required from both a business and technology prospective in order to deliver the overall strategy.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” – Michael Porter

The last and most critical piece is to develop an execution plan, there is no point of a strategy unless it tells you how to deliver it. Often organisations know all the things that need to be done but prioritising them and delivering against them is often missed.

A simple process but always missed out is the prioritisation of the projects. Each project will then be evaluated on how this project delivers against each of the top level organisations Mission Statements, the more Mission Statements the project aligns with the bigger priority it should be given.

Once complete, the strategy will clearly demonstrate which projects should be delivered first by how many of the Mission Statements it delivers against and give a clear holistic view which everybody can be accountable to delivering against the strategy.

Output of the strategy:

The main output of the Business Alignment Strategy is Purple’s Business Transformation Map.

By putting the business strategy into a visual with clear deliverables as a transformation map, this breaks down the barriers faced with executing against a business strategy and helps organisations really drive through business transformation efficiently and successfully.

The visualisation of a business journey helps the entire organisation to really understand the journey and what role they have within it.

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